A New Adult Romance that will leave you Starstruck

What did her future hold, and when was it going to find her?  Rachel liked to think that she has a world of possibilities locked up inside her mind.  The only problem was there wasn’t a key to unlock all of her so-called potential.  Rachel had earned an incredible education, but she didn’t know where to apply it.  So she moved back home.  Back home to Blakely, the black hole of Indiana.  Home to her best friend Fiona and her somewhat meathead boyfriend Tyler.

Everything changes when Luke Pierce, the hottest movie-star in Hollywood, comes to town.  Rachel literally butts heads with Luke on the set.  Soon, Rachel becomes Luke’s personal tour guide to Indy. One night at the old make-out spot by the creek in the woods leads to a magical kiss that neither Luke or Rachel could ignore.  Luke was the flame, and she was the moth, drawn by desire and punishing, punishing pleasure.

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