Desire Part Two is now available.  Desire is a contemporary romance series.  In Part Two, Jaime’s best friend Maddie meets her match:

Everyone was gossiping about the new boss.  Maddie didn’t care about any of that.  She was good at what she did and she would let her work speak for her worth.

“It’s about time you arrived. Are you always late or will you use the sorry excuse of horrible traffic? Neither is acceptable.”

Maddie quickly turned to look behind her. Standing in the back corner of her was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen…..and the most irritating one as well. Maddie stared at him intently as he stood in the dim corner. He looked familiar. She knew she had seen him before.

“Get out of my office,” she snapped.

“It was your office.  It’s mine now.  I’m Whitman Lampier.  The new owner of Creative Concepts and your boss,” he smiled smugly.

“Most people call me Whit,” he drawled.

His nonchalant attitude infuriated her. Yet she couldn’t deny her attraction to him either. She wanted to kiss at him as much as she wanted to punch him. How was she going to handle a man who ignited such conflicting emotions in her?

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